Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing

Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing

Giving You Access to the Funds You Need

Sometimes life deals you an unexpected change. At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we understand that there may be times that you need access to cash because of an unforeseen expense. That is why we have developed an innovative new program to provide you funding through annuity financing. In exchange for a lump sum of cash, you simply sell either all of your annuity payments, some of them or even just a portion of them.

Why Finance Your Annuity With Us?

Our skilled specialists cater every transaction to each client, which means we will work with you to develop the right financing structure. There are several reasons people continue to turn to us for financing an annuity, such as:

  • We can help you cash out an inherited annuity.
  • Our specialists can position your assets to be transitioned to your heirs.
  • We offer world-class customer services.
  • You will not have to worry about high surrender charges when you work with us.

Request Your Quote Today

Our team would love to be able to give you a quote for your annuity. In order for us to do so, simply gather together as much of the following information as possible:

  • The name of your insurance company
  • Your annuity policy number
  • The date of your first payment
  • The date of your last guaranteed payment
  • How often you receive payments
  • How much each payment is

Allow our team at Next Gen Commercial Capital to develop a financing plan that helps ease the stress of an unexpected expense. Call us today for your free quote.