Project Financing

Project Financing

Financing Your Big Plans

Putting your plans on paper is one thing, but making them a reality takes skill, creativity and the right financial partner. At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we know what it takes to put plans in motion, and we offer a diverse mix of large project financing options. Our large funding base enables us to provide with help on tasks that range from $1 million to $50 million or more. Allow us to help you get the ball rolling.

How It Works

Our team customizes every transaction, which means your deal will be unique. In order to structure the right plan, we will take a look at:

  • Your experience with the type of project
  • Your projections for success
  • Your existing assets

We also understand that your project is important to you, which is why our skilled analysts will meet with you to discuss any particulars that we should take into account.

What We Offer

There are several types of financing options your business can take advantage of, and our team can help determine which may be right for you. Among our products are the following:

  • Equity financing
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Energy financing
  • Venture capital
  • Debt financing

At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we have a proven track record of successfully financing corporate projects. To learn more about our funding options, contact one of our representatives today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation appointment.