Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Improve Business With Equipment Leasing

At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we offer a quick and easy approval process for equipment leasing. We understand the nature of most businesses and understand that you need your equipment and you need it now. We cater to most business types and offer a variety of programs that will help you fund the equipment you need to improve your business. The following outlines those programs:

  • B, C, and D Credit – These programs are specifically for companies that have suffered due to the economy. We call them our “second chance” programs, because they truly give a company a second chance to get their finances in order.
  • Government and Municipal Entities – These entities benefit even more from leasing equipment with Next Gen Commercial Capital because they have automatic approval. We understand how crucial it is to have equipment up and running in government or municipal entities, and we ensure that libraries, police stations, and more will have the funds they need to purchase or repair a piece of equipment.
  • Sell and Lease Back Program – In some situations, a company might just need some free capital for everyday costs. Our sell and lease back program basically allows the company to sell us their equipment and then lease it back from us. The exchange is solely in the paper work, and the company can continue with business as usual.
  • Startup Programs – We offer a startup program for businesses that are new to any industry. This allows them to grow and expand while they are still in the new stages of business.


There are many benefits of equipment financing with Next Gen Commercial Capital. The following are just a few:

  • Low monthly payments that allow you to take care of everyday costs, in addition to your equipment payment.
  • Free capital that allows you to pay for an additional employee, more inventory, or whatever you need it for.
  • Free credit line for unforeseen circumstances that may require a little money.

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