Bridge Loans and Hard Money

Bridge Loans and Hard Money

Success Through Bridge Loans

If you are the owner of a company and are looking to expand, but don’t have the funds to pay for an old building and a new one, there is help. At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we offer bridge loans and hard money loans to help companies just like yours. Our professionals have been dealing with bridge and hard money loans for many years and will help each of our clients get the money they need as soon as possible, and without incident.

At Next Gen Commercial Capital, we collaborate with various private institutional investment firms. Doing so allows us to offer each of our clients the unique solutions that they seek for their commercial purchases.

Common Purchases

A company looking into a bridge loan should understand what they do and what they can purchase with the funds. Basically, the bridge loan covers the cost of a new purchase, while the owner still has ownership of an old purchase. Some common purchases include property or real estate, as well as equipment. A business owner who needs a bigger space, but hasn’t sold his old space yet could benefit from this type of loan, for example.

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Bridge and hard money loans are perfect for a specific type of transaction. If this looks like something that could benefit your company, contact Next Gen Commercial Capital today to speak to a representative.